We have been working with Professor Suzanne Kim, the Kinoy-Stavis Public Interest Law Fellows, the Women’s Law Forum, and other organizations and coalitions to plan for our Symposium, which will be held on Friday, September 25, from 8:30 AM to 6 PM.

The Symposium is titled: “Rutgers Celebrates Beijing + 20: Gender Equality on the Twentieth Anniversary of the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women.” This day-long event, which features activist Gloria Steinem as a keynote speaker, will bring together leading policymakers, advocates, and practitioners to discuss continued challenges in achieving gender equality since the groundbreaking Beijing Conference in 1995. Speakers will address a variety of areas from the Beijing Platform for Action, including violence, poverty, education, reproductive rights, and human rights. The conference proceedings will be published in a special symposium issue of WRLR.

The Symposium is also the inaugural event of the Rutgers Center for Gender and Sexuality Law and Policy, which supports interdisciplinary research, programming, and cross-sector partnerships enhancing gender- and sexuality- based equity.

Follow the link below to register for the symposium and event details!


Thank you!

Caitlin Miller


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