Women’s Rights Law Reporter

Editorial Board



Tyler Dougherty & Julia Duffy

Senior Editors

Managing Editor

Amelia Lyte

Senior Articles Editor

Adam Herpolsheimer

Senior Notes & Comments Editor

Chantal Guerriero

Senior Submissions Editor

Ryan Laddey

Editorial Board

Articles & Submissions Editors

Kelly Degen

Danielle Panizzi

Notes & Comments Editor

Karina Delgado

Business & Subscriptions Editor

Jacqueline Larsen

Symposium & Alumni Editor

Yostina Mishriky

Research & Technology Editor

Vijayasri  G. Aryama

   Associate Editors

Tracy Abode

Sharon Aguirre

Stephanie Bauman

Andrea Beckford

Carla Betancourt

Jeffrey Correa

Whitney Dumeng

Molly Hopkins


Brett Lederer

Heather McLinn

Michael Nycz

Brian Parcon

Nicole Roman

Patricia Anne A. Villanueva

Meghan E. Vreeland

Nicholas Whittaker

WRLR Masthead 2017-2018



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