Support WRLR

Alumni and Giving:

We at the Women’s Rights Law Reporter invite our alumni to continue contributing to the rich history of our journal by becoming a financial sponsor.

If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact the current editors of the Women’s Rights Law Reporter at

Donations may also be made directly to the journal. Please make checks payable to Women’s Rights Law Reporter and send to:

Women’s Rights Law Reporter
123 Washington Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102

We thank you for all and any support that you may be able to provide. It is your donations that help continue the publication of our journal.

* We are in the process of updating an alumni database, if you were a member of the Women’s Rights Law Reporter, please email so you may be included!

As part of the alumni network, you may:

* Receive invitations to alumni networking events

* Learn about unique publishing opportunities

* Volunteer to mentor WRLR staff members

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