Related Sites

Related Sites:

The Women’s Rights Law Reporter has identified the following sites as offering content and commentary that may prove useful or interesting to our readers. All links lead to third party web sites not affiliated with the Women’s Rights Law Reporter. The Reporter makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy or appropriateness of content on these sites.

Women’s Law Journals:

American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law

Berkeley Women’s Law Journal

Buffalo Women’s Law Journal

Cardozo Journal of Law and Gender

Columbia Journal of Gender and Law

Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy

Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law

Harvard Women’s Law Journal

Hastings Women’s Law Journal

The Journal of Gender, Race and Justice

Law and Sexuality

Michigan Journal of Gender and Law

Southern California Review of Law and Women’s Studies

Texas Journal of Women and the Law

UCLA Women’s Law Journal

William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law

Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender and Society

Yale Journal of Law and Feminism

Feminist Links:

BITCH Magazine

Feminist Majority Website

Ms. Magazine Online

Mother Jones

NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund

Women’s News Wire

Rutgers Links:

Rutgers School of Law-Newark

Rutgers Law Review

Rutgers Computer and Technology Law Journal

Rutgers Race and the Law Review

Rutgers Law Record

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